ductus: latin (duct'us)

to guide or lead. to show another the way.


At Ductus Operations, we are here to help you create a successful and authentic online presence. We specifically match the needs of our clientele with a customized consultation plan for them to achieve their goals and align with their vision. We guide you in strategic planning regarding a posting schedule, choosing effective hashtags, and leveraging relevant accounts. Account maintenance services are also available for those who need assistance with consistent posting and community engagement on Instagram. Graphic design and branding assistance is available in addition to consultation, as well as promotion packages through our partner PR firm, Leedom PR. 

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Social Media Strategy for Instagram

> Instagram Consultation


> Account Management


> Graphic Design for Social

> Website Design

> Promotion through our partner firm, Leedom PR

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 Graphic Design  

Offering graphic design services for your accounts, from avatars and headers, to personalized image posts. These services are available as an add on to any service, or on their own. Rates begin at $50/hr or as a flat rate depending on the project. 

  Support & Guidance  

Support every step of the way, as well as creative & strategic guidance on how to create & manage successful social media accounts. We discuss your vision together on how you want your brand represented online and how you want to connect deeply with the humans you're speaking to. Learn how to connect your professional credibility with authenticity and remain relatable on a personal level.

Strategic consultation for those in the early stages of account creation and anyone looking to elevate their current social media presence. Standing out in a sea of similar accounts may feel intimidating or overwhelming, but the keys to organic growth and creating a loyal following are actually quite simple. Visit the social media consultation page for more information. 

Contact Rachel today for guidance with your social media presence.