ductus: latin origin (duct'us)

to guide or lead. to show another the way.


At Ductus Operations, we are here to help you create a successful and authentic online presence. We specifically match the needs of our clientele with a customized management campaign fit for them to achieve their goals and align with their vision. We update your social profiles and guide you in strategic planning regarding a posting schedule, choosing effective hashtags, and leveraging relevant accounts. Graphic design and branding assistance is included in all packages, as well as our individual program options. 

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> Social Media Account 

   Creation & Maintanance


> Customized Service Packages


> Graphic Design & Creative          Consultation for Social Media

> Website Design

> Book Promotional Blog Tours,    Vlog Tours, and Interviews

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" Rachel and Ductus Operations helped me

tremendously with a book launch promotion ad

and social media campaign. Extremely responsive, knowledgable, and highly recommended if you

need support in those arenas. "

Tom Limbert ~ Parent Coach Tom

Author of What They Won't Tell You About Parenting

“Rachel Leedom is highly creative

and gifted in many areas, especially social media.

I highly recommend working with her!”


Anne Deidre ~ Author & Life Coach

Founder and CEO of AnneDeidre.com

Inner Visions Publishing


 Graphic Design  

We offer graphic design services for your accounts, from avatars and headers, to personalized image posts. These services are included with all marketing campaign options at no additional fee. As strong visuals are an impertivie part of any social media profile.

  Support & Guidance  

We offer support every step of the way, as well as creative & strategic guidence on how to create & manage successful social media accounts. We create a vision with you on how you want your brand represented online.

We offer fully customized social media marketing packages designed to fit your individual needs. We build and maintain the social media profiles for you or your company. If you already have social media accounts, we offer programs to help you expand and maintain them.

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