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My name is Rachel Leedom, I am the founder of Ductus Operations. My background is in publicity, sales and social media management. I started working with my mothers company, Net Connect Publicity as a Junior Associate Publicist in 2011. In spring of 2014, I began a new division of her company for social media management. In August of that year, I took my social media marketing services to the next level, working with my clients under my own business, Ductus Operations.
Net Connect Publicity eventually shifted into it's current iteration, Leedom PR, where I am currently SVP of Online Expert Promotion. I work directly with our clients assisting with content, editorial work, and scheduling with our partner editors of prominent national websites. With nearly ten years in the PR industry working with authors, coaches and experts in the personal development and self-help world, I have a unique insight into what audiences are looking for when turning to someone as a trusted authority and what creates a loyal and engaged following.


At Ductus Operations, I understand the need for Instagram marketing has become an essential part of expanding your online presence and promoting your business. Given the need for companies to begin connecting with their customers online, I created an affordable and simple set of services. We offer straight forward services to assist you in achieving your goals and aligning with your brand's highest vision and most heartfelt expression. You'll receive the knowledge from my seven years of experience with Instagram, blended with my background in PR and branding.


I want to lift the weight off your shoulders of having to tackle the complex world of social media all by yourself through supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable consultation. I work closely with my clients, and/or their social media manager to help keep them accountable as we outline tasks, set goals, brainstorm content, create and review graphics, discuss Instagram hacks from the algorithm to collaboration and community engagement. We define how to most effectively present themselves in a professionally credible manner while maintaining their own unique personal touch and connection to their audiences.