Instagram Consultation & Management


Instagram Consultation - $75/hr

Consultation Monthly Retainer Package - $300/month (billed every 30 days)

Instagram Account Management - $550/month (billed every 30 days)

Includes graphic design for profile content, no consultation included

Instagram Account Management - $750/month (billed every 30 days)

Includes graphic design for profile content and consultation, up to 3 calls per month

À la Carte Graphic Design for Social Media Profile Content - $50/hr

Contact Rachel to sign up or receive more information on management and consulting services. Pricing may vary depending on individual needs. Management packages listed above include posts 4 days a week per account, for a more aggressive posting schedule option, or to manage multiple accounts, inquire about pricing.

Outlines for Copy & Graphic Design

Account Performance Reporting

Guidance on Community Engagement

Personalized Graphic Design for Profiles

What's Included

Accountability & Brainstorming

Strategic Goal Setting

Keyword & Hashtag Research

Custom Scheduled Account Maintenance

I offer strategic consultation for those in the early stages of account creation and anyone looking to elevate their current social media presence. Standing out in a sea of similar accounts may feel intimidating or overwhelming, but the keys to organic growth and creating a loyal following are actually quite simple. It is through substantial, consistent and honest messaging aimed to hit both within the heart and mind of your audience member, that you leave a lasting impression.

The more deeply you know yourself, your message, the intention and truth behind each and every post, the more power each post will carry. 

For those who don't have the time or energy to physically carry out consistent posting and engagement on Instagram,  I can assist with account management on an agreed upon schedule. Pricing for account management is based on posting up to 4 days a week. For a more aggressive posting schedule, inquire about pricing.

Contact Rachel today for assistance with your presence on Instagram.