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Initial Account Creation Fee - $200

Individual Account Maintenance - $150/month

If accounts are already in place, disregard the Account Creation Fee.

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Facebook is one of the largest social networking platforms out there, and still growing. We create and or maintain an account for you or your company, featuring posts, photos, ad's and boosting posts. There are many benefits of having a Facebook to represent you, from growing your visiblity and connections, as well as creating specific branding for you or your company.


Tumblr is a fully customizable blog site, and can be very beneficial for companies both with and without websites.

If you have a website, this can be used as a platform to get more followers and visiblity. However if you don't have a website, your blog's page can be fully customized with different pages, links, audio, photos, and videos. They have different templates to choose from, but we can also build

you an individualized page to brand you or your company.

Tumblr has also been featuring sponsered posts, which we can give you more insight on how those could be beneficial as well. 


Pinterest is one of the more understated but effective ways to reach out to potential and current customers. Pinterest is all about the visual, but don't let that steer you away if you are a law firm or insurance company who doesn't usually generate clients from pretty pictures. Pinterest is geared towards photos, but those can range from sleek looking ads to related photos with descriptive captions or links below.

We will help you look at what you do, and from there create a plan to fully maximize your potential on Pinterest. 


Twitter is also an extremely beneficial means of marketing for established professionals and businesses. It is a very simple but effective way to gain visiblity and brand yourself or your company. Millions of professionals are jumping on board and using the benefits of Twitter to help grow their business every day. It can not only be used to connect and hear back from customers, but connect with partners or potential investors.


Instagram has become one of the leading forms of advertisement. Professionals can not only connect with customers and gain a wider audience, but host give-aways, circulate promo codes, and feature valued customers. People respond well through pictures with short messages, which makes Instgram probably one of the most valuable forms of SMM a professional could take advantage of.


Google+ is yet another fantastic marketing tool to use to grow your audience or clientele. Google+ has a huge user base and is an easy way to connect with people and make your company more contemporary. On this platform, written posts, as well as visual, audio, and video are all accepted, similar to facebook. However one extra benefit of Google+, is using Google reviews. These are instantly noticable when you or your business are Googled, and can either make or break you when not moniterd properly.

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